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This is the personal page of Mr. Nazrul Nifkuzyaire.

Property Investor and Negotiator.

He has ghosted articles in n9pages.com & selangorpages.com

Has a few subsale houses in hand such as the newly built houses in Precint 12 Putrajaya, still available developer units Condo at Vista Bangi, Bandar Puteri Bangi, Cheras, Seri Kembangan and Semenyih.

He can travel to inspect and explain to clients about property buying and selling process. 


His forte in Real Estate Negotiation is taught by attending enormous numbers of in house training and special masterclass and virtual coaching.

His knack of doing tech business in which he is deciding to invoke a new norm of Real Estate Activities through automation using Deepagi engine.

He is also CoA with some prominent REN focusing on buy over subsale commercial buildings & Hotel Sale and Purchase.

Besides that, he is familiar with Lembaga Pembiayaan Perumahan Sektor Awam (LPPSA, Mortgage Loan as well as Housing Insurance & Takaful products.

He is also good at hunting rental houses and offices.


EloN-Az is a mnemonic meaning memory aid for remembering his earlier lavish works as Negotiator in Maxxan Realty Sdn Bhd.

Apart from being a REN, he has ghosted articles in n9pages.com & selangorpages.com

Both the above are Virtual Business Directories in Malaysia.

Has few subsale houses in hand in locations such as Penang, KL east, Putrajaya, Kajang as well as Alam Damai, Cheras all with prices ranging between RM850,000.00 to RM2.5Million.

He is presently seen to be founding a tech start-up and had invested in Amanah Hartanah Modal..



Nazrul Nifkuzyaire has helped me find and arrange the purchase process of my dream house. All procedures have been complied with and arranged by him without any complications. Even the legal processes were arranged by Mr Nazrul which enabled my bank loan to be approved and released within 3 months. I am truly happy with his services as he has enabled my family and I to live in my dream house within a short frame of time. Highly recommended!
En. Amierul
Alam Damai, Cheras
At first, I was lost thinking about how to look for a buyer for my property and after almost 1 year of waiting, Alhamdulillah one fine day i came across Mr. Nazrul who has helped me to find an interested buyer within 2 months of using his services.
En. Amar
Approach by Mr. Nazrul is completely different compared to other Real Estate Negotiators because Mr. Nazrul takes the initiative to explain "in detail" what i have to do in order to ease the selling process of my house. This includes issues relating to legal fees, various costs relating to home valuation costs of the property that I was intending to sell. Everything was made easy for me by Mr. Nazrul.
Pn. Syazana
We were first introduced with Mr. Nazrul by our neighbour who has used Mr.Nazrul's services before in his purchase of a property. Mr.Nazrul's fast action has enabled us to find a suitable house for our small family and everything relating to loan from bank as well as legal fees have been arranged and made of ease to us by Mr. Nazrul. In approximately 2 months, we have already gotten our house key. Thank you Mr. Nazrul, we love your service!
En. Sharizan & Pn. Wati
My Provided service to you, My respective client

Professional service

I will arrange all processes of buying and selling of a property from the start till the end including advertising your property which you intend to sell, finding a suitable buyer, arranging relevant loans for prospective buyers, obtaining reports of valuation costs for the property, arranging all legal services for the prospective Sale and Purchase Agreement until the stage of handing over the key to the respective buyer.


The advertising cost now is quite high now, why do you need to waste your money? Let me help you to advertise your property which you intend to sell while i help reduce your expenditure where advertisements are concerned.

Matching buyer prospects

I have a "Database" of prospective buyers. So, if you agree to use my services, the existing prospective buyer will be matched (Matchmaking) with your property. Make it easy !!

Business as simple as "abc"

With the experience and knowledge I have, your Real Estate Sale will be as easy as "ABC". I will take care of everything from the beginning until you receive money from home sales. Do not worry because everything is documented by a professional Real Estate Lawyer and I myself am a Property Negotiator and I have attended the Negotiator Certification Course.