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HARTANAH & ANDA (H&A) is a group of Malaysian professionals with vast experience in legal aspect, entrepreneurial skills and techniques to convert and attract more leads and listings in any market. The future of the real estate is set to be one of the most disrupted industries of our time.

It’s all about creating a better quality real estate experience and how you can dominate your market. As highly trained coaches we strive to raise the level of excellence and train all real estate professionals how to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

Become that healthy, successful and inspirational agent that all people want to work with. Investing in yourself is the highest return on investment you will ever have. It’s learning new skills and developing yourself personally and professionally.

The ideas and knowledge we share are suitable for Real Estate agents, professional negotiators and all managers.

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“We are honored to share our knowledge with as many real estate negotiators as possible and help them move forward to achieve their professional goals that will give them the life they want”

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The Negotiators Certification Course (NCC) is the “First Step” to enable you to become a registered Real Estate Negotiator (REN) with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers (BOVEA)

A full 2-day course from morning to evening is a MUST be attended program by all wannabe Real Estate Negotiators who are looking to get a REN Tag.

Upon completing the NCC, you will be issued with a certificate of participation and you will be eligible to join any Registered Real Estate Agency of your own choice and obtain a REN Tag.

The cost to join the NCC is only RM600 and it is definitely WORTH IT since the program is compact, full of knowledge and beneficial.

If you like to join our NCC program, you can register yourself at  https://hartanahdananda.com/ncc



In this “Strategi Tarik Leads” Seminar, you can learn about: –

a) the step by step guide on the legal procedures and how to do property transfer from Coach Aizac who has 17 years experience in legal field especially in property conveyancing,

b) develop and equip yourself with the “Power Closing” technique that were applied by Cikgu Jamrus Property, the writer of the book entitled “Motivasi dan Tips Hartanah” who he himslef managed to close at least 15 cases per month by utilizing this technique,

c) learn the fastest and easiest way to do your property marketing either to pull prospect clients from the vendors’ side or the purchasers’ side by using the “Landing Page” strategy that is proven to be a success and widely used by our protege,

d) meet the mortgage banker and consultants that will teach you on how to prepare your client’s documents for mortgage loan applications. Save your time by learning how to calculate your client’s Debt Service Ratio (DSR) to make it easier for you to “filter” your prospect before submitting their housing loan applications;

e) meet new friends from other property agencies and build your “network” with them. Share your listings and start “co-broking” with your new friends immediately;

f) learn from the experts on how to “leverage” your income from the property industry by using the right platform and methods.  

If you would like to join STRATEGI TARIK LEADS which will be held on the 21st of July 2020, you can REGISTER yourself at  https://hartanahdananda.com/strategitarikleads 


Get acquainted with lots and lots of business opportunities that you can explore by joining this program.  Plenty of sharing session by our affiliates including Property Developers, Bankers and Mortgage Consultants, Takaful and Insurance sectors, Property Agency Principals and Sales Managers and also from other Property-related business owners.

From this Business Opportunity Program, you can learn from the speakers on how to generate extra income in this property industry not only by selling properties but also from other multiple sources.

This program will be held at least once a month at our Seminar Hall in Cheras and you can register yourself to join this seminar at https://hartanahdananda.com/ioi  


Having trouble creating FB Advertisements especially on the audience targeting and copywriting skills? We might have the BEST SOLUTIONS for you!

Learn from Coach Aizac how to ENGAGE with your prospects by using powerful copywritings and explore the methods to set your “real target audience” in order for your Facebook Ads to reach as many as possible potential clients without “burning” your monies.

Pull thousands of followers to your Facebook Fan Page like a pro by utilizing the “Like Method” system which was successfully applied!

Besides that, from this workshop, you will also learn how to build your own Landing Page or “Minisite” to sell your housing/property projects, get more listings from vendors and find potential buyers for your sub-sale properties.

By using the Landing Page system, your prospect Leads will be coming your way effortlessly by getting their information in your email mailbox automatically once they have signed-up and send their personal details (including their names, phone numbers and email addresses) to you so that you can get in touch with them within split seconds!

Our “Auto-reply” system will also assist you to automatically reply to their email by sending an email to your Leads to guide them on the next step they need to do should they wish to proceed with accepting your offers.

You can register yourself to join this workshop at https://hartanahdananda.com/fm    

Success stories..



Hartanah & Anda helps me in preparing myself to become not only as a successful Real Estate Agent but also as an entrepreneur. They have taught me many things and become my true mentor. 


I like their way and style of coaching. It gives me freedom to express myself and the liberty to exercise my own due diligence by emphasizing my own quality but at the same time, guiding me to use the right method and utilizing the BEST tools. 


I’ve once thought about quitting my career as an agent due to my problem closing deals in property transaction. After meeting with the coaches in H&A in one of their seminar, I felt that there’s only one reason why I keep on failing which is MYSELF and they have brought up the NEW ME! Now, I believed in MYSELF and will strive to achieve my goals.

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